Caplin Homes build low energy timber frame houses for private individuals, independent developers and housing associations.

Economical to run

High levels of thermal insulation and air tightness minimise heat loss.

Economical to maintain

Innovative materials help to substantially cut lifetime maintenance costs.

Economical to build

New timber frame techniques dramatically cut on-site work and construction times.

Caplin Homes specialise in building the most energy efficient timber frame houses. They dramatically reduce heating and maintenance costs and yet are no more expensive to buy than conventional homes.

Whether it’s a five bedroom detached house for a private owner, or two up, two down affordable semis for housing associations, we can take a project through from design to completion without fuss, using established materials and methods.

Our approach to energy strategy is always straightforward:

1. Minimise energy losses using the highest standards of thermal insulation and air tightness.

2. Make good use of free solar energy coming from south facing glazing, photo-voltaic cell arrays etc.

3. Having reduced the building’s need for heat to a minimum, use a heating facility just big enough to meet this much reduced demand. This will often be an exhaust air heat pump which extracts solar heat from glazing and waste heat from the building and uses it as a heat source for a heat pump which provides hot water, central heating and circulates warmed fresh air throughout all the rooms of the house, all with minimal energy consumption.

Stoughton Eco House

Stoughton Eco House

Rural three bedroom Cottage

Rural three bedroom Cottage, featuring coloured polymer render.
This approach is just what’s needed to meet the higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Buildings which has energy and CO2 emissions as their most important criteria. By designing in additional features we are able to fulfil the requirements of level 6 without incurring a big price premium.

This means that for public sector housing, who must meet this criterion from 2013, we are able to offer affordable housing which will remain affordable.

Equal emphasis is given to reducing the other running costs of the building. Maintenance is an important part of the lifetime costs of ownership so we supplement the energy savings with features that also reduce maintenance costs.

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Caplin Homes are located in Leicestershire and undertake projects throughout Central England.

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