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Stuart Caplin built his first Swedish designed timber frame house in the 1970s at a time when it appeared that the industry in England might be on the point of embracing this building technique.

In spite of the efforts of one major national builder to promote the adoption of this kind of construction, there was a strong reaction against it from a conservative industry, mortgage lenders and insurers. The fact that timber has been used right around the world at northern latitudes for generations seemed to count for little in the argument and so, outside Scotland, the use of timber frame has been confined mainly to self-builders.

For Stuart though, this was an opportunity lost, for his experience had demonstrated to him beyond doubt the many merits of this natural material.

It has only been in the last few years that the national drive for more energy efficient homes has forced the re-opening of the argument between the traditional brick and block and timber frame.

Meet the Team

Stuart Caplin

Stuart Caplin

Managing Director

Stuart is an experienced builder and innovator, seeking new ways to build better using recently developed materials and technologies.

Michael Goddard

Michael Goddard


Michael has an MA in Natural Science from Oxford University, and a doctorate in Business Administration. He has extensive business experience.

In 2006 UK legislation was passed requiring ever more stringent energy standards to be adopted, leading to all new houses having to be carbon neutral by 2016 – a really tough standard to meet. So as result Stuart and his team have returned to Scandinavia for inspiration and new technology with the intention of staying ahead of the UK industry leaders in the game of carbon reduction.

Caplin Homes now work with the architect John Cotterill to build individual homes that make the most of the innovative materials now available to embody both energy efficiency and cost efficiency in their construction.


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