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What We Do

Our methods allow self builders to achieve the highest standard of energy efficiency. We offer a range of services to people wanting to undertake their own house building projects:

Building Design

When decisions have been made as to the accommodation required, our architectural service will translate these ideas into drawings suitable for submission to the local council in a planning application. Alternatively we can review an existing design with a view to preparing it to accept the new technology, maximising its design potential.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

When planning permission has been granted, we can calculate the thermal properties of the building using the SAP software and thus determine its heat load requirements. We can then calculate the specification of the equipment needed to achieve Zero Carbon performance, its cost and the payback that can be expected, taking into account the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the Feed in Tariff (FIT) for the solar collectors, the RHI for the heat pump and also the savings arising from the elimination of energy costs.


The new National Planning Framework places emphasis on sustainable development. We offer a planning advisory service that will help formulate planning applications to maximise the impact of Zero Carbon technology in the design and access statement. Additionally, we can also act as an agent in making the application if required.

Construction & Management

Because of our unique method of providing highly insulated external surfaces, we always build the structure of our houses ourselves, including the windows and doors, and install the heating and ventilating systems. This is to ensure that the critical levels of air tightness and insulation are carried out with the necessary care and attention to detail, so we can guarantee the energy performance of the building. We can work with self-builders for the remaining parts of the build, or with other contracting builders, if they are taking the build through to completion.

Our Earth Energy Bank thermal storage system eliminates energy costs for space heating, hot water, lighting, and air circulation, entirely. Following the success of the 2013 demonstator, the Solar House, our award winning thermal storage technology, the Earth Energy Bank, has been installed in a wide range of private homes and developments throughout the UK.