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About Us

CAPLIN HOMES are industry leading experts in the construction of carbon free homes. Buildings currently account for 40% of UK CO2 emissions. Since 2009 we have been working to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of new homes.

Stuart Caplin built his first Swedish designed timber frame house in the 1970s at a time when it appeared that the UK industry might be on the point of embracing this building technique. Today one third of new homes are timber frame.

In 2013 Caplin Homes built the UK’s first year-round, fully solar-powered home, receiving industry awards and international press attention. We have continued to build low and carbon free homes nationwide.

Using a combination of readily available technologies and simple building techniques we have demonstrated that carbon free housing can be achieved today. Reducing energy demand is key. Fabric efficiency is the most effective long-term guarantee of a low carbon emission housing stock. The balancing of this enhanced build fabric with on-site renewable generation can provide the best path to optimal performance and affordability.

We continue to incorporate new innovations and demonstrate their efficiency. We hope to encourage wider adoption, sharing the benefits of these breakthroughs in carbon reduction. 

Meet the Team

Stuart Caplin

Stuart Caplin

Managing Director

Stuart is an experienced builder and innovator, seeking new ways to build better using recently developed materials and technologies.

Michael Goddard

Michael Goddard


Michael has an MA in Natural Science from Oxford University, and a doctorate in Business Administration. He has extensive business experience.

The Committee on Climate Change have declared that the country has little more than ten years to make all new buildings carbon neutral. Stuart and his team have returned to Scandinavia for inspiration and new technology to ensure that we continue to make a substantial contribution to the country’s 2050 net zero emissions target.

Caplin Homes work with architects nationwide to build individual homes that make the most of the innovative materials now available to embody both energy efficiency and cost efficiency in their construction.


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De Montfort University
Midland Timber Engineering